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Women's Solutions
The demands of work and family, as well as hormonal changes, can compromise a woman’s health. Women's Solutions include herbs, nutrients and hormone precursors to help women find their natural balance and enjoy glowing health at every age.
Tang Kuei Plus
Support smooth muscle relaxation with Tang Kuei Plus. This herbal blend of tang kuei root and passionflower also helps ease premenstrual discomfort by supporting smooth muscle relaxation.*
Price: $19.10
 Key Benefits:
  • Helps ease PMS discomfort.*
  • Helps relax smooth muscle.*
  • Supports the female reproductive system.*

Tang Keui from Herbalife
Tang Kuei Plus supports smooth muscle relaxation, and has relaxing properties that help ease PMS and  Menopause discomfort.* 

Usage: Take one tablet three times per day